Branding & Values brainstorming  workshop

I can help you bring your idea to life through a couple of workshops and in depth one on ones.  We will define and refine your target group, tone of voice, imagery and values! 

Visuals & e-books

I use Canva to bring messages to life and create visual content   for social media channels, online ads & events. I also have experience in creating e-books and working on Wix - Wordpress websites

Community & co everything

I specialise in community building and management. 
I speak about and work with coliving-cohousing communities to define the structures & guidelines that allow for the growth & flow to unfold.


Social media copy, newsletter, blog post, website  and everything in between, even the ocassional translation (Fr/Uk - Sw/Fr). Creating emotions through words is my happy place. 

Social Media management

From Instagram to Linkedin via Facebook I'll make sure to keep your pages active and reactive. 

I'll be honest, I do stay away from ticktok and snapshat though. 

Podcast editing

I have been hosting my own podcast since August 2020 and have experience editing audio recordings to turn them into great podcast episode or short snippets for your social channels!