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The Humans Inside the Pods

A podcast for anyone interested in the power of living in Community 


Back in 2017 I moved into a coliving House in he heart of Stockholm. I thought it would be for 3 months, I ended up staying 3 years.

This experienced impacted all aspects of my life and I now work within the coliving industry as a content creator, communications manager and community builder.

As much as I love my job, I noticed the voices of the residents are not always heard loud and clear and that's how I got the idea of the podcast. That, and the fact that I was missing my housemates and the endless conversations we would have at the dinner table.

I wondered if I could recreate these moments with residents from all around the world, experiencing coliving, its challenges and learnings in different places and ways.


My goal is to share stories about living life in community, the good stuff & the challenges, and democratise a new way of thinking about Home. I also like the idea of safekeeping these stories which mean so much to their protagonists. 


The podcast launched at the end of August 2020 and I have now talked to over 40 people and counting. I am very much looking forward to exploring new places and hearing new stories! Join us!

I also send out a monthly-ish newsletter to keep you up to date with the latest episodes and what I've been up to in the world of Communities.

 By subscribing you'll never miss an episode!
(Promise that I won't over use your email. It is quite frankly much more probable that I underuse it and forget to send out a monthly news)

You're a Human!

new episode every two weeks. 

Season 1 ended in June 2021 with 37 episodes.
Season 2 ended in June 2022 with 20 episodes.
Season 3 ended in June 2023 with 
14 episodes
Season 4 is coming soon. 


If you are on your laptop you can search through episodes using the filters.
You can search by season (2 or 3 only available for now) name, length of the episode, and/or by type of community (digital nomad or residential coliving, cohousing, eco-village...)

More episodes available on these platforms
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Are you our next Human inside the Pods?

Do you have a community living story to share? 

If after reading this and listening to a few episodes you feel that is something you would like to do please make sure to read the FAQ and then feel free to:

1. Book a slot for a recording (if no time works, message me!)

2. Fill in the short form below so we can get the logistic out of the way and focus on sharing stories! For any questions, do not hesitate to email me using the contact page. 

Support the Humans

This is a passion project which gives me great joy and has allowed me to learn a lot of new skills and meet many great people along the way. 

It does takes a lot of time to look for new guests, edit and put everything together and does not bring any money in. It's ok, because it's a choice I make. To dedicate time to this. And it makes me happy. What makes me even happier...?
To hear back from you.

So if you ever feel like you want to do something nice to say thanks or "good job"... I made a little list of suggestions:

  1. Simply reach out to let me know what you thought. It means everything!

  2. Share your own story or recommend someone we should talk to 

  3. Share the podcast with a friend (or more)

  4. Rate the podcast on your favorite platform 

  5. Follow us on Instagram

  6. Buy me a coffee! 

  7. Buy our book

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Our friends at mapmelon, the all in one app for digital nomad colivers are helping us stay in touch with authentic communities around the world.  

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  • Should I prepare anything?
    It's a very informal chat that is more a discussion rather than a Q&A. Feel free to ask me questions as well, bring up topics and take your time! There is nothing to prepare. The point is to have a very genuine conversation about your experience living in Community. I know the idea of being recorded can be a bit intimidating but I promise we quickly forget about the mic, just enjoy!
  • How long does the recording take?
    The whole thing takes about 1h (setting up, saying hi and bye...) but the episode itself is usually between 30 and 50 min after editing
  • Is there anything I should not talk about?
    That is very much up to you. The idea is to be as authentic as possible. Let’s use common sense and try to keep it clean and respectful. Anything racist, sexist, homophobic and so on will obvioulsy not be tolerated. One Important thing to keep in mind, is to respect people’s privacy. Make sure to only share stories and names of people who have expressed they were ok with being mentioned by name.
  • How does it work logistically?
    Simply fill in this pre recording form and find a time that suits you here (can't find any? Let me know). In that invite there will be a zoom link. I will record the whole conversation but will only use the audio recording. I jut believe it is nice to see each other as we speak. Please make sure to have a good mic and headset and be in a quiet space, preferably a small space with a door your can close. "Pro" tip: your wardrobe is an awesome makeshief for a podcast studio!
  • What happens next?
    Once we hang up I will spend some time editing our audio file. I only cut out if we have very long pauses or if we were interrupted, unless you specifically ask me to remove something.
  • When will it be published?
    I share a new episode every second Wednesday. I sometimes have some episodes pre recorded so I will let you know exactly when your episode will be out a few days in advance. The podcast is available on Spotify, Anchor, Google podcasts and many other platforms.
  • Can I share it with my friends and family?
    Please do! It really help the podcast if you share it on your side! You can already follow us on Instagram @thehumansinsidethepods. I will also create visuals and quotes to promote the podcast on social media. I will send them to you so you can use them for promotion on your end as well. Once your episode is out I will share on IG, as well as my personal FB and Linkedin. In addition I send out a newsletter once a month with the recap of the last episodes. People can register for it via my website
  • I know someone who could be a good guest!
    Wonderful! Im always on looking for new community living stories to share! Send them my way!
  • I'm intrigued but my story is not worth sharing.
    I respectfully disagree. I am grateful for every story that is being shared with me. Everyone has a different experience, a different way of seeing and understanding the world. Please do share it with us!
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