Self-realisation through genuine Community

Welcome to my digital home!



Digital Customer Experience, Community Management/Building & Content Creation

The Power of community is real, and it can bring chaos or flow.

My job is to support human centred companies and coliving spaces in finding ways to create the right conditions for a genuine and strong community to blossom, and put processes in place that will nurture engagement, belonging and accountability.

I'm a copywriter, content creator, a speaker, a workshop and podcast host, an event-operations-communications manager, and so much more than those titles.


I live to write stories, (be) inspire(d), bring people together and create meaningful moments. 

work with people to help them unleash their creativity and support them in their projects through brainstorming, coaching, copywriting and content creation.




Why  the name Life on 5th?

The name "Life on 5th" comes from the combination of:
- A real space, on the top floor of a collective where I found answers to questions I never thought to ask. 
It is in that space, within that Community, that I started to unleash my creativity and explore my full potential. 
- A theorical space, the top of Maslow's pyramid.

Today "Life on 5th" it is a constant reminder that it takes community to reach self realisation.